Saturday, December 18, 2010

Our Little Ones!

So since Mal and I married brothers we always say our kids feel more like siblings than cousins. We call the double-first cousins...we aren't really sure if thats a thing but we like to believe it is. There has to be a word for all the shared DNA.

anyway..... We have a few analogies of how the kids interact with eachother. Mal likes to go with Robin Hood; see the following:

Ryleigh (aka Sissy)
Carter (aka Skippy!)
Brytie (aka Tagalong)
Oh so true!!!!
However I prefer the Rugrats analogy; see the following:

Ryleigh (Angelica) aka. The DIVA, boss and ring-leader!

Carter and Bryton (Phil and Lil) aka. The twins, best buds, attatched at the hip, the troublemakers!
Parker (Tommy Pickles) aka. The youngest, sweetest, most adventerous!
If you have spent time with the kiddos you probably understand these parallels!! Ry is def a diva and ring leader, Carter and Bryton can't get enough of eachother and cause all kinds of trouble. And little baby Parker is just a bundle of energy, spunk and sugar. And even though he is so little he rolls and scoots and crawls all over the place (including under the couch!)
Peace, Love and CHRISTMAS TIME!!!

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  1. Either you really stink at updating your blog or your way ahead of the game with the Happy Holidays nonsense. Get with it! jk love u!!!!!!!!!